We meld biblical research and Christian theology with the absolute best insights on leadership, communication, and being human.

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Hi, I’m David McDonald

I've been a pastor, professor, and church consultant for 25 years. I specialize in helping leaders innovate, combining the absolute best practices with the rich history of Christian tradition. I began the Chapter House to help creative ministers do work that matters for people who care, and I would LOVE to help you move forward with your calling.

Dr. David McDonald and his merry band of lovable misfits in Jackson, Michigan have created something truly special with the Chapter House. And now, during this when it is virtually impossible for preachers, pastors, executives, and artists from around the world to gather in person, the Chapter House has found a way to bring their wonderful world of creativity and best practices directly to you through their custom online experiences. Don't miss this unique opportunity between the 'what was' and the 'what's next' to make the most of the liminal space we've been given to re-examine our cultural assumptions of ministry and discover the church that God is re-creating in our midst. 

Rev. Dr. Kory Knott

Sr. Minister

Custer Road UMC 

Plano, Texas