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Holy Alive is an online journal you can download using the link in our bio. Each issue contains scripture verses about faith and fitness, key objectives for healthy living, a study guide, and several articles from Rev. Dr. David McDonald on the spirituality of your body. 

The unique feature of Holy Alive is its emphasis on patristic theology, which highlights the Incarnation of Jesus Christ and the importance of the material world. In sum, God isn’t trying to get you out of here and into heaven; God is trying to get heaven into you, here.

00 - Appreciation & Appraisal of your Body…this contains the evaluation for using your body spiritually (including the ways we manifest love, reveal God, cultivate pleasure, and invite belonging)

01 - Tenets of Somatic Spirituality…this issue concerns the spirituality of our bodies, cautioning us against a body/soul division common to many Christian people. You body is not something you have, but something you are.

02 - Somatic Touch…the way we touch others (both figuratively and literally) has power to heal or to destroy. This issue helps us heal.

03 - The Human Temple…what *does it mean for your body to be the temple of the Holy Spirit? How are we meant to treat, use, and enjoy this temple?

04 - The Breath of God…the Bible uses the words breath, spirit, and wind interchangeably. This is not a limitation of ancient language, but a means to understanding the Spirit-infused life.

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