How should we feel about our bodies? 

This is a question neither the Church nor the Culture have competently answered. Within each domain—Church and Culture—there are extremes of either neglect or exploitation. 

That's why we've developed this tool for evaluating the spiritual worth, use, and mission of your body.

Rather than trying to fit into the Culture or conform to the restrictive demands of conservative religion, this article will take you through a biblically substantive matrix designed to help you have a healthy relationship with your body.

With God’s help.

For God’s glory.

It’s filled with exceptional faith and fitness quotes, Bible verses about fitness and health, examples of spiritual exercise from the Bible. Additionally, you'll have access to some of the most ancient Christian sources on the body's inherent holiness as well as resources for prayer and Bible study.

Check it out now!

Why we created this resource?

For three reasons...

  1. To counteract the destructive and unhelpful narrative of the world, move beyond the thin understanding common to the Church, and discern how you are meant to experience your body and glorify God.
  2. To develop a healthy matrix for appreciating and employing your body in service to God and for the good of the world.
  3. To promote a customized spiritual training regimen designed to help you enter into better relationship with your body by renewing your mind.

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